Seasonal Predictive Maintenance Can Protect Equipment Against Summer’s Demands

Rising costs and increased environmental awareness have created a shift in thinking from Reactive Maintenance (the Break/Fix method) to Preventative Maintenance (regular scheduled maintenance based on days/run time), and most recently, to Predictive Maintenance. Predictive Maintenance is based on the collection , management, and intelligent use of historical and current asset data. This method focuses on “asset health,” performing services and repairs based on the asset’s failure to meet prescribed performance objectives.

Adapting a Predictive Maintenance environment requires an understanding of how and why asset failure can occur, and knowing the warning signs that indicate potential problems or failure. By knowing what failure is likely to occur when, pre-emptive investigations, maintenance schedule adjustments, and repairs can be performed before the asset breaks down. This is especially relevant during the summer months, when run times and load demands are high.

Most modern facilities today have Building Automation Systems (BAS) to manage temperature and heating and cooling systems. Integrating a CMMS/EAM facility management software solution gives facility managers the intelligent information they need to maximize asset performance and productivity during seasonal weather challenges.

Eagle Technology’s Proteus software solutions provide a rich database of asset and building history. Detailed asset information, vendor data and manuals, alarm and work order history—all this data and more is captured, managed, and reported. Facility managers have the information and control they need to make intelligent, timely decisions that drive asset performance, productivity, and occupant comfort and safety.

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