CMMS Connected Asset Management Fuels Efficiency

All too often, tools and equipment are lost, misplaced, forgotten, broken, or fall into disrepair. Not only is this inconvenient but it can be expensive. It can cost your business time and money, especially since faulty components are not always immediately obvious or visible. A connected asset management system can help to alleviate problems associated with deteriorating or misplaced equipment, as well as provide you with much more control over your equipment. It can also give you access to reporting tools and information that can streamline your business.

Whether you are involved with construction, electrical tools, plumbing, heavy equipment, or any other kind of manufacturing, an asset management system as part of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) will drastically improve processes.

Ways in Which Connected Asset Management Fuels Efficiency

  • Planning and scheduling maintenance or repair is far more efficient than being reactive and waiting for parts to fail. Ensure greater efficiency and productivity with effective service and asset management so you have the right parts when needed.
  • Keep track of exactly what you have in stock, who has what parts, where they are located across multiple locations, and what you need to order and when.
  • Connect parts, tools, and assets to cut out wasted journeys, and keep tools, machinery, and equipment running at optimum levels.
  • Users can see how tools are performing and customize them to maximize their efficiency using Blue Tooth technology.
  • Eliminate inefficient paper or manual records.
  • Ensure effective storage and retrieval of historical data.
  • Important information is in one place rather than scattered across different spreadsheets.
  • Build a budget, monitor spending, and manage financial outgoings.
  • Standard and customized reporting capabilities and report generation allow managers to make smart decisions.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing computerized maintenance management and the asset management component. You can connect to a tool, track, and customize it to increase efficiency for individual jobs, for example when a tool’s speed or torque setting needs to be set at a certain level to limit damage where heavy equipment is involved. Electrical contractors can upload data and history from electrical tools and create custom reports that will guide installations and service work for maximum efficiency.

A connected asset management can do far more than monitor stocks and parts. It can provide a whole lot of other solutions to improve efficiency and reduce wasted time and resources for your manufacturing business.