Machinery and equipment needs to be maintained, routinely updated, and cared for in order to continue to function correctly and meet the needs of your business and computerized maintenance management needs. If you take care of your tools, they will take care of your business. Without proper care and maintenance, a business’ tools cannot continue to function without disruption to your business.

According to CMMS market researchers at Software Advice, “out of the thousands of maintenance managers we spoke to, a surprising 67% said they do not currently use any software. This statistic indicates many companies mistakenly assume they are saving money by not purchasing software, when in reality they are costing themselves exponentially more in downtime.”

While plenty of things can go wrong in maintenance management, utilizing a CMMS solution leads to improved and on-time maintenance. With a comprehensive CMMS, you are able to manage maintenance more efficiency, which results in minimal machine downtime and increased profits.

Computerized Maintenance Management Software Prevents Downtime

Failing to update or maintain tools can lead to things like data loss, incompatibility, or broken parts that take much longer and cost much more to fix than maintenance would have. The cost of failing to correctly maintain tools and equipment used in a business can vary.

Performing the appropriate maintenance before this downtime occurs can save a business both time and money. We reached out to Taylor Short, CMMS market researcher at Software Advice, for insight on the ‘cost of downtime’ calculator tool he recently developed to help managers.

What do companies gain by knowing the cost of machine downtime?

“When manufacturing companies experience machine downtime, it brings operations and revenue to a halt. Knowing roughly how much machine downtime costs your company per hour is critical; that number can help make a business case for investing in a maintenance management system. Once the system is deployed, managers can easily minimize downtime with data-driven preventive maintenance and predictive capabilities.”

What is the function of the cost of downtime calculator?

“Maintenance managers simply enter data about their company in the tool, including cost of labor, average number of units produced/profit per unit, and average revenue per hour. The tool estimates how much downtime costs per hour, illustrating what can be gained with the use of modern maintenance software working to reduce unexpected machine downtime.”

The researchers at Software Advice wanted to emphasize how important CMMS systems are for effective and cost-efficient maintenance management. They created a free, embeddable calculator tool that maintenance managers can use to quantify just how much revenue is lost to machine downtime.

CMMS are Cost-Effective

Purchasing a CMMS should not be seen as a cost to your business, it’s an investment. A CMMS can decrease the cost of labor by automating job functions and completing them more accurately and on time.

On time maintenance can keep machinery and equipment functioning better and for longer. That means there will be fewer repair costs because this machinery won’t break as often.

In addition to the financial benefit of a CMMS, another significant justification for investment in a maintenance system is the ability to use the historical data gathered to make more informed business decisions. Access to this data allows you to identify trends, better understand your maintenance costs, and improve inventory control.

Finding the right CMMS solution will make a big difference in the success of your business. Putting a CMMS system in-place will ensure that the right preventative maintenance is taking place at the right time.

Cloud-Based CMMS

Eagle Technology’s Proteus MMX cloud-based CMMS optimizes all of your maintenance management needs. With Proteus MMX, you get a world-class system that is quick and affordable to implement and is customizable to the way you do business. Along with our 100% success guarantee, you also get a system that:

  • Tracks the status of the work, records work requirements and provides in-depth analysis for managing the work, funneling data into compelling reports and reducing costs.
  • Ensures optimal use of scarce resources such as manpower, equipment, material and funds to maintain both your operations and equipment.
  • Analyzes the budget and overall operations impacts, allowing managers to control costs and reduce the number of resources spent on system management.

CMMS software is probably the most important tool to integrate into your preventive maintenance strategy. With a robust solution like Proteus MMX, you can easily manage and monitor your assets to prepare for the unexpected.

Up your game and take the next technological leap forward in asset management and preventative maintenance! Contact Eagle Technology today to learn how your business will benefit from a CMMS solution.