When it comes to choosing software to help streamline operations, there is no shortage of options for building materials manufacturers. From ERPs to store locator software, manufacturing businesses can choose from hundreds of programs that promise to add efficiency to operations while reducing the costs of making a sale. However, not all software programs can deliver on their promises equally. As a result, the following breakdown ranks the 5 premier software choices for building materials manufacturers. 

1. Proteus CMMS

Proteus is a computerized maintenance management solution that offers all of the traditional features of a paper-free management system, as well as all of the latest digital trends for enterprise resource management (ERP), artificial intelligence integration, and IoT system connectivity. 

Designed to fully integrate with any system through web services, Proteus truly is the all-in-one software solution for building materials manufacturers. Among its key capabilities include:

  • Asset management – help reduce capital expenses by compiling accurate information on equipment and infrastructure to analyze performance and schedule preventive maintenance
  • Analytics and reporting – make data-driven decisions by leveraging the software’s real-time KPI’s and reporting to quickly stay ahead of any potential problems
  • Warranty management – receive up-to-date notifications on which of your materials’ warranty expiration dates are coming due
  • Different languages – available in 27 languages, Proteus helps manufacturers streamline global operations with one system available in various languages
  • Mobile CMMS – gives technicians the flexibility and convenience of receiving and completing work orders directly in the field

While there are certainly more advantages of using Proteus CMMS, these are just a few of the most pertinent benefits that can directly help building materials manufacturers improve operations, making it the #1 choice as an ERP solution.  

2. Agility

Another ERP software, Agility has made a niche helping lumber and building materials providers manage their data. While perhaps not as cutting-edge as Proteus CMMS, Agility does offer the following areas of benefit to building materials manufacturers through its ERP software:

  • Accounting – helps the business improve cash flow and general ledger maintenance through fully integrated invoicing, cash collection, and credit management features
  • Sales – the software’s fully integrated customer portal makes it possible for clients to access their account information to get pricing, check available stock, print invoices, and submit their own orders. This reduces call volume and mitigates errors on custom orders
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) – Agility centralizes all contacts, opportunities, activities, and calendars into the same program, helping the business increase profitability on leads and create more meaningful long-term relationships with clients

3. Bullseye

While having the best ERP software is crucial for streamlining all aspects of business operations, it must be paired with the best shopify store locator so that buyers know how to get in contact with the most proximate dealers, vendors, and contractors when finalizing a purchase. 

To this effect, Bullseye is the premier name in the building materials industry for multi-location businesses. Simply put, Bullseye helps materials manufacturers close more sales by capturing and converting high-intent leads. It is able to accomplish this through:


  • Customer engagement – the software’s simple but effective locator pages provide everything the client needs to find your products and dealers. You can create branded local pages to include specific details such as showrooms, design services, estimates, reviews, project photos, and more
  • Segmentation and conversion – once leads are ready to make an inquiry, the software quickly captures and routes them to the nearest dealers and sales professionals. Integrated lead workflows can help the manufacturer send follow-ups, oversee dealer responsiveness, and close more sales
  • Reporting and analytics – track website leads to finalized sales with Bullseye’s closed-loop reporting. Follow lead progress and dealer responsiveness through each step of the customer journey. This helps the business keep tabs on lead sources and campaign effectiveness

4. Enterprise 21

Enterprise 21 is a popular ERP software solution for small to mid-size building materials manufacturers. Its comprehensive management features fully integrate all aspects of business operations, including:

  • Sales order management
  • Inventory control
  • Warehouse management
  • Procurement
  • CRM
  • Business intelligence (BI)

Despite the diverse range of functions of Enterprise 21, it is fully accessible by every department, from the desk of the CEO to customer service personnel, allowing for elite communication and the smooth flow of business processes.

5. MRPEasy

Although there are other ERP software solutions on this list, MRPEasy is the one most specifically directed at small businesses. In fact, it is designed chiefly for materials manufacturers with 10 to 220 employees.

MRPEasy can do some of the things that the other solutions on this list can do, only on a smaller, simplified scale. Among the ways that it helps small manufacturers stay organized include:

  • Accurate production planning and reporting – helps the business provide the most accurate lead times possible and improve equipment utilization through real-time reporting
  • Real-time inventory overview – up-to-date data helps prevent stock-outs and low inventory levels, as well as automating inventory transactions and viewing purchase requirements
  • Precise, on-time deliveries – improve customer satisfaction by quickly and accurately sending out shipments

5 Top Software Programs for Building Materials Manufacturers

Choosing the right software is a critical decision for building materials businesses heading into 2022. Whether it be a wordpress store locator or a more comprehensive ERP program, quality software can improve operations and increase profits for the business. To this effect, Proteus CMMS, Agility, Bullseye, Enterprise 21, and MRPEasy are 5 of the most reliable names from which building materials manufacturers can choose.

Todd Gillman is the content director for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.