The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the US economy hard. But no industry has been impacted quite like the hospitality industry. Global airline industry losses have been in the hundreds of billions of dollars. And nearly 7 out of 10 hotel rooms were empty throughout the majority of 2020.

Slowly, the economy is showing great signs of recovery and the hospitality and entertainment industry are rebounding as we get deeper into 2021.

But an important aspect of being able to rebound and recover for the hospitality industry is to show that that you’re maintaining your facility with strong cleaning regimens to protect patrons.

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can ensure you’re keeping up with these cleaning practices and maintaining HVAC systems to help reduce airborne transmission. As you work to prepare for welcoming a larger number of guests again, here are some important considerations.

Creating a cleaning and disinfection procedure

Cleaning surfaces regularly helps reduce the spread of COVID-19. And as traffic within your facility starts to pick up, it’s more important than ever that you have strong protocols in place.

Plus, sharing this information with your potential customers can help them feel at ease about using your services. But to do that, you’ll need to create set timelines for cleaning and designate who will do it.

A CMMS helps you manage all aspects of your facility’s maintenance. From changing lightbulbs to upgrading HVAC parts, you can track each task and set recurrences to never miss preventative activities.

The same is true for cleaning. You can assign the task to your cleaning and maintenance crews during each shift to ensure you’re disinfecting regularly and promoting good hygiene within the building.

Cleaning and disinfecting are nothing new for the hospitality industry so it’s more about meeting the new COVID-19 guidelines for heightened cleanliness to meet customer needs.

Why maintenance impacts COVID-19 spread

Scheduling maintenance and monitoring open tickets can have a huge impact on COVID-19 spread. When you have to close an area of your facility due to unforeseen issues like a leaking pipe or electrical failure, it funnels more people into other areas of the building. Large groups of people congregating go against social distancing safety.

To avoid unforeseen events, it’s best to schedule maintenance on your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. This allows you to complete the required maintenance before it becomes an issue. And it lets you plan for times when that section of the building isn’t occupied or has lower occupancy.

But even with an outstanding maintenance schedule, you might experience maintenance issues. Being able to prioritize tickets to minimize impacts is essential in showing that the hospitality and entertainment industry is ready to welcome back visitors safely.

CMMS makes it easier for you to get a maintenance crew member on the scene as quickly as possible with the right equipment in hand to fix the problem, which is another area that CMMS assists with inventory management.

CMMS and inventory management

Lack of equipment and replacement parts to complete necessary maintenance can be what delays required maintenance to the point where it becomes a disruption instead of being scheduled.

But inventory management is challenging without appropriate tools like barcodes or RFID systems that make it simple for your team to log what they used and when.

CMMS allows technicians to scan a barcode on their device to show your inventory team what you need to order and when. It sets up clear workflows so that you can ensure you have the materials on hand to keep your customers and employees safe even during the pandemic.

Supply chains have suffered serious impacts, including changing timelines for how and when you get materials. You don’t want to delay ordering materials until you need them because you could be looking at long turnaround times and limited availability to obtain the materials locally.

You don’t want to discover that you don’t have the necessary filters for your HVAC system, which plays an important role in removing bacteria and other debris from the air that your patrons are breathing in.

CMMS allows for PPE requisitions and inventory management to ensure technicians are doing a job safely and avoiding risks.

CMMS for the hospitality and entertainment industry

Our team at Eagle CMMS knows the unique challenges the hospitality and entertainment industry faces with facility maintenance – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ll work with you to set up the system in a way that helps you adapt your practices during the pandemic while meeting the growing need to open back up and welcome larger numbers of guests once again.

Call Eagle at 262-241-3845, send us an email, or schedule a demo now to see how our software can help you protect your customers and respond to the growing demand for hospitality and entertainment services.