These days, many companies have an important need for maintenance software. From healthcare to manufacturing to municipalities, managing buildings and assets are vital in keeping operations running smoothly. A good maintenance program should manage maintenance work as well as provide reporting and analytics on your historical data. The two main types of maintenance management software are CMMS and EAM.


CMMS is a computerized maintenance management software designed to automate, standardize and manage maintenance performed on assets and equipment. It’s most known for its ability to manage work orders, labor and performed maintenance. The primary use of CMMS in many companies is as a digital system for making sure that maintenance tasks get done by the correct person. It also ensures that maintenance requests are logged and that each machine or asset gets its own designated maintenance monitoring.


EAM software is an enterprise asset management software which allows companies to manage every part of their maintenance operations across departments, locations, facilities, and business functions.  EAM tools provide basic maintenance scheduling abilities, plus more of a context for planning and evaluation. 

EAM is also more integrated and more connected with other software and/or IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things). It includes the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology):

                 -ERP (such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics)

                -MES (Manufacturing execution systems)

                -Purchasing software

                -accounting software

 Real-time integrations (including IIoT), such as:

                 -building automation systems

                -PLC (programmable controllers) Machine controls

                -SCADA systems

                -sensor networks

 It also includes capabilities, such as:

                 –Artificial intelligence

                -Machine learning.

                -data visualization and data analytics

CMMS and EAM are both types of Maintenance Management Software. The differences between computerized maintenance management software and enterprise asset management software vary from system to system, and they are also blurring as both become more advanced.

When determining which system you need, you have to determine the needs of your company. A basic CMMS is great for smaller companies who are mainly interested in tracking work orders and maintenance along with some maintenance reporting.  If your company is medium to large and/or has multiple locations, an enterprise asset management software is a better choice for maintenance management, reporting and planning, and organizing operations.  An EAM software can also offer integrations and add-ons to streamline information and processes which a basic CMMS may not have.

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